brandul stitch crafts

I associate myself to the term crafter. Through my hobbies I started making some simple leather and wood goods for myself and my friends and quickly got hooked on the process. Working with these raw materials is amazing,  it’s a medium with almost limitless possibilities and can be a hugely satisfying craft (eventually). Largely self-taught, I have spent years practicing and learning all I could from other crafters, and getting better day by day with their advices.

What I enjoy most is the time spent creating something from start to finish. I have to confess that sometimes I have the help of my talented and creative wife. This is how our Unique Handmade Home Decor project came alive. Together we create not only unique pieces, but also something to hold and have forever (or even better leave it on for future generations ). Our intention is to grasp people’s attention, to allow them to stop for a moment and to think, to question and to inspire.
What I love most about working with leather and wood   is the practical aspect of having clients coming in with a project and figuring out together  how it will work from scratch to finish. At the end they will have a custom handmade piece of art.

Please don’t hesitate contact me, Andrei and my wife, Veronica  for any inquires.